We make concrete contributions in consulting and interim management:

  • Analysis & Business Intelligence in the infield and outfield.
  • Competitive business strategies or business segment strategies (analysis, planning, implementation) in R&D, pre-marketing, marketing, sales, customizing, stakeholder management, etc.
  • Team coaching and development with improved implementation of decisions made
  • Optimizations of sales, approach, pricing and results.
  • Life cycle concepts for projects & products, affecting franchises/BUs, companies
  • Financial modeling and scenario planning.
  • Restructuring and M&A contributions (national / international), headquarters / subsidiaries / agencies.
  • Risk scenarios, sensitivity and robustness analyses, trade offs (resource allocation, investments vs. RoIs etc.).
  • Business Wargaming & Risk Analysis.
  • Concepts & planning in Market Access.
  • Reorganization and implementation concepts / implementations.

An example of this: time and again we have received inadequate data from external market research or data that clearly needs improvement when we have upcoming consulting tasks. These data were often "incompatible" with the consulting tasks we were given. Because of this, we have developed our own performance for market analytics and have now been able to use it many times. Therefore: S&P carries out German or multilingual qualitative and quantitative studies and surveys in primary and secondary research in the field of "market analytics" for our clients on a wide variety of issues and tasks in Germany / the EU.