S&P Health Care Consulting Partners GmbH will in 2022 exists  more than 12 years.

Our consultants / interim managers have been able to acquire and contribute broad experience in life sciences and health care for various international companies - and since 2010 for S&P: in executive management, project management, consulting and interim management for our clients in pharma, biotech . and Med.-Tech.

The S & P team has many years of experience and a profound understanding of the challenges that our customers have to face in the market and in the competition. This is based on a large number of projects that we were able to successfully complete.

We know the business processes and the environment of our clients. For us, this knowledge is a prerequisite for the joint development of effective solutions: for the benefit of our clients.

That's why we at S&P work together with our clients (their project teams, task forces, executives, steering committees) to develop solutions that are specifically tailored to their specific tasks and challenges.

We work for functional areas:

R&D, Medical Affairs (Phases II - IV, IITs, NIS, Reg.-S., PMS, Med.-Writing, CME), Marketing, Sales, Market Access, Business Development.

Our process contributions:

  • Market analytics / market research & business intelligence (technology, degree of innovation, competition, performance comparisons, etc.)
  • Technology and SWOT assessments
  • Strategy development and key actions
  • Optimizations and reorganizations
  • Global/National Operational Development Plans
  • Global/National Operational Commercial Plans
  • Due diligence and opportunity/risk assessments in M&A/transactions, business plans
  • Licensing support (scouting, negotiations, contract management)
  • Coaching (Teams / Managers)

You can find a list of our clients in the download center